Yoti eSignatures Integration with CiviCRM

The Compuco team are very excited to be working on an integration between CiviCRM and Yoti E-signatures. 

Yoti E-signatures is an electronic document signing solution. What makes it unique is that it provides the convenience and simplicity of e-signing platforms, but with the optional added security of biometric verification and cryptographic signatures. Yoti also offer a 50% discount to charities making their solution extremely affordable for many of CiviCRM’s users. 

As we're building this solution, we’d like to find out more about your use cases to make sure the final solution is both affordable and best tailored to your needs.

We’re also excited to be able to offer a further 10% discount code for Yoti for 1 year for those who submit the form once the integration goes live.

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E-signing is the act of providing an electronic signature rather than printing off a document and then signing it with a pen. While this is a very convenient way to get a document signed, when dealing with important documents, it’s also important to make sure these signatures are valid and secure.

Various platforms, such as Yoti, exist to facilitate these e-signatures. These often offer various levels of security for signatures, from simple clicks all the way to much more advanced authentication such as biometric verification and cryptographic signatures.